CyberPoint Wins $5.4M Advanced Cyber Research Contract for DARPA VET Program

BALTIMORE, MD (October 21, 2013) — CyberPoint announced today that it has been awarded a $5.4M research contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the agency's Vetting Commodity IT Software and Firmware (VET) program. CyberPoint Labs, CyberPoint's dedicated research and development team, will collaborate with program teams to solve hard technical problems and advance the state-of-the-art in cyber-defense testing. The overarching goal is to counter the serious cyber threats to an increasingly globalized technology supply chain. Together, they will be looking for innovative, large-scale approaches to verifying the security and functionality of commodity IT software and hardware devices to help ensure they are free of hidden backdoors and malicious functionality.

"We are excited to be working with DARPA on this important program," says CyberPoint Labs Director Dr. Mark Raugas. "Security in the supply chain is a critical industry problem with no easy answers. Our current research into software and system security—and into automating aspects of reverse engineering—will also be invaluable as we begin work on the program."

About CyberPoint

CyberPoint delivers innovative, leading-edge cyber security products, solutions and services to customers worldwide. We discover the threats and vulnerabilities that expose data, systems, and infrastructure to compromise and design defenses that provide critical protection. Our approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers, reduce risks, and ensure ongoing protection in a world of continuously emerging cyber threats. At CyberPoint, we are always learning, exploring, and looking for new ways to put our knowledge and experience to work. We seek out hard problems, develop new products and solutions, and drive innovation in the field of cyber security. Visit to learn more about our company and career opportunities.

About CyberPoint Labs

CyberPoint Labs is CyberPoint International's industrial research and development activity—advancing the discipline of cyber security by attacking and solving the hard problems of the field. It performs cutting-edge research in cyber security, develops new technologies and product prototypes, invents new tools for customers, and helps to build CyberPoint's relationships with leading research universities. The lab's three research areas are: Applied Mathematics, Data Science, and Security. Visit the CyberPoint Labs web page to learn more.

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